Monday, January 25, 2010

Ms. Rose Calfo

Once upon a time there lived a sweet little chicken named Rose.

She had glossy black feathers and such a bright ruby-red comb that roosters from miles around would hold daily crowing contests in her honor, in hopes of seeing the tiny smile Rose kept neatly hidden at the corner of her beak.

But that smile, and Rose, belonged solely to one Mr. Calfo, and Mr. Calfo loved his pet chicken.

One day, Mr. Calfo's dear girlfriend asked me to paint a portrait of Rose as a Christmas present for him. I was honored and did my best to recreate Rose's charming looks, especially her tiny secret smile.

To my relief, Mr. Calfo and his girlfriend deemed it a success!

Everyone lived happily ever after, even the roosters, although they still won't give up.

oh, and I love watercolors more + more.