Friday, April 17, 2009

impromptu bookmaking is fun! you should try it!

Yesterday seemed like the perfect day to experiment with bookmaking, so I decided to make a little quick + easy Instant Book. I would usually choose a more complicated project, particularly one involving sewing... sewing a book spine is quite peaceful... but it was sunny outside, so I had to take advantage of that!

I picked 7 different varieties of weeds (er... flowers & foliage, I mean) and arranged them on my copier.
Then I folded the print-out into 8 sections and cut a 2-sections-long slit in the middle, finishing it off by squishing it all back together with the blank section as the cover.

Instant Book!
It's like the ramen of bibliology! (I hope you like that word, I just made it up. It's nice, eh?)

This one I call, An Encyclopaedia of Front-Yard Foliage, Up Close and Personal.

Happy weekend, everybody!

with lots of love from Tab

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  1. What a very neat creation!!! thank you for sharing...
    your friend from swapbot.
    Laura Ann