Thursday, April 2, 2009

it's going to be a glorious summer...

I may already be 25-and-a-half, but that didn't deter me from jumping at the chance to make my very own pre-birthday list as soon as I caught sight of Miss hula seventy's! All day long I couldn't stop thinking about all the things I would add if I wrote one. What a glorious way to embrace each passing year!

So, after much deliberation, I set about to compose my List... complete with 2 rules:
Rule 1: Each item must be something I have never, ever done before,
with the exception of
Rule 2: A select group of recently-accomplished feats to account for the fact that I am already 25.5

Without further ado, here's my do before I turn 26

1. Pack a bento box

2. Spend a day in Brevard, NC

3.  Dye my hair red

4. Make $2000 or more in one month

5. Plant wildflowers

7. Explore Hendersonville, NC

8. Bake a cheesecake 

9. Start a blog

10. Recycle (I'm ashamed to admit I don't do this yet)

11. Make homemade ice cream

12. Go skinny dipping

13. Ride a roller coaster (Carowinds, perhaps?)

14. Create a stop-motion animation

15. Learn 5 phrases in Japanese

16. Host a garden party

17. Eat an Italian picnic in Montebello

19. Sew a dress (and wear it!)

20. Read Wuthering Heights

21. Participate in at least 3 art markets

22. Take a class on illustration

23. Walk around the MOMA

24. Visit Anthropologie in Charlotte and try on at least 5 outfits

25. Wear red lipstick for a whole day

6 down, 19 to go! 


  1. Certainly an interesting list!

  2. I can totally help you out with some of those things! Carowinds, here we come! ;)