Thursday, December 17, 2009

once upon a time...

...there was a beautiful fairy princess and a handsome snowman.

The fairy princess liked to sit outside in the wide, green world and swing her legs and gather berries and interesting leaves,

while the snowman liked to stay inside by the warm stove, perched on the kettle, anticipating the next cup of tea.

They never actually met, but they're both so cheerful-looking, I bet they would've become splendid friends.

And seeing them reminded me of this old Pixar short... which is pretty amazing for having been made in 1989.
Wow, computer-generated animation has come such a long, long way in such a short amount of time... I wonder where it will go from here?



  1. So, when you're done having fun, let us see the other gifts you got! I can't wait to see everything :) Love you.

  2. Tabitha!

    So glad to have found this little spot of sunshine! I bought your Butterfly a few years back, and I was wondering if you'd accept another (small) commission from me. If you're interested, send me a note at zsdavis at purdue dot edu! Hope that life is treating you well.

    Take care,

    Zach Davis