Tuesday, March 24, 2009

ah, animation...

So I sorta put everything else on hold while I finished up the final project for my illustration class... a [very] short stop-motion animation! The whole experience was delightful, fun, tedious, confusing, wonderful... I've wanted to try stop-motion for SO long and it was so much harder and more exciting than I ever thought it would be.

Here's my little film:
(music is from a Card Captor Sakura soundtrack)

It makes me want to try more and more and more animation and I can't wait to get a new project underway. Everyone has been so sweet + supportive of my endeavors and my mom even disclosed that she was at the top of her animation & cinema classes! What! I had no idea but was really excited to find that out!

It's a really humble beginning but... thanks for letting me share it with you guys. :) 
Happy Tuesday and I hope everyone has a splendidly brilliant week!

with lots of love from Tab

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