Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring was just here a few minutes ago...

...therefore I refuse to turn the heater back on!!! 

I'm not going to be around much this weekend (working for my parents, babysitting, church, birthday parties for splendid friends) so I figured I'd try to tough it out. It's supposed to warm up again next week so my endurance need only be short-lived... and while wearing silly-looking hats inside may look, well, silly, I can congratulate myself next time the gas bill comes and it's less than two digits. Hooray!!!
Things you might find me doing at when I am at home...

-Baking blueberry muffins

-Snuggling under blankets and watching Carol's Journey again... it's so beautiful and sad!

-Drinking far too many cups of piping-hot tea

-Sewing some new & improved zippered pouches (I'll have pictures soon!)

-Dreaming about summer and when the weather will be warmer again!

Stay warm, you guys!
with lots of love from Tabitha


  1. where did our warm weather go? it was too cold for today. double digits are you kidding me i will be glad when the gas bill gets to the double out of the triple. no more 2 story houses with 2 units. :-) yum blueberry muffins. have a great weekend!

  2. oh haha! I meant less than 3 digits, too!!!! $120 monthly bills have GOT to go.