Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sewing my first zippered pouch, or, How the ugly fabric became beautiful

Once upon a time there was some Ugly Fabric. 
It sighed as it lay crumpled on the ironing board. 
"I will never be anything beautiful. 
I was once a plaid shirt from American Eagle, but now I'm outdated and boring. 
What shall I do?" 

"You there!" shouted a White Zipper. "The Queen needs to see you immediately!" 
The White Zipper smiled a fierce and toothy smile, 
but the Ugly Fabric was brave. 
Inside the castle, the Queen introduced the Ugly Fabric to some Old Denim. 
She gently sewed them together and they became fast friends. 
The White Zipper joined them, and although he was fat 
and caused the Queen quite a bit of grief, 
they appreciated his way of bringing things together.

"I'm so happy to be useful now," thought the Ugly Fabric, 
"and I am so cozy inside this pouch. But I am lonely, and I am still ugly." 

For a long time the Ugly Fabric waited, but then finally 
some beautiful markers came along. They liked the Old Denim. 
They liked the White Zipper, or at least they didn't mind it 
when he growled and showed his big teeth. 
But most of all they liked the Ugly Fabric, who kept them warm and safe. 

So the Ugly Fabric became beautiful because it was loved,
and they all lived happily ever after.

The End.

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