Wednesday, March 25, 2009

food, food, more food!

Who knew I was so obsessed with food? Well, I mean, I kind of did... anyhow I spent almost my entire yesterday in the kitchen! (The part not spent in the kitchen was spent buying ingredients.)

But wait, before I start sounding like a crazy chef, let me explain... 

I'm not so much obsessed with food as I am very interested in how it affects people. Specifically how certain ingredients affect people... bad stuff (sugar, chemicals, etc.) and good stuff (you know what this is). My health-conscious cycles go up and down (after all, I did just compose a chocolate cheesecake post) but no matter what I eat I can't help noticing that I feel and look tremendously different depending on what I consume. For instance, eating salads every day just makes my skin look better. Too much sugar gives me a headache. Overeating at supper makes it hard to wake up in the morning. Lots of common sense stuff, but anyways... I've been slacking off a lot in the whole health/taking care of yourself department these past few months, so I'm eating VERY healthfully this week as part of a gentle, get-ready-for-Spring cleansing process. Lots of herbs, seeds, vegetables, juices, etc.

Unfortunately, the recipe book I'm using only has directions for 4-6 servings at a time... so that's where I got the brilliant idea to make A WHOLE WEEK'S worth of meals in one day! I would make it all, and then divide it all up into single portions to freeze/refrigerate! Genius, right? Let's take a peek... 

gaaaaa.. chaos!!!

Sorry for the poor photo quality... the light in my kitchen is very dim. Almost as dim as me for trying to accomplish so much in one day in one kitchen. I ended up getting about half the recipes made. Whew.

However, I must admit there is something very soothing about roasting a whole chicken, especially the washing/marinating part; it feels like you are bathing a little creature, giving it a spa experience complete with herbal soak:


And after all is said and done, there's something very, very soothing about eating your own delicious, completely-made-from-scratch, insanely healthy meals. Only 5 more days to go!

Happy Wednesday, my dears.

xo, Tabitha

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  1. genius.

    After all, your mother used to do that, even if you didn't care for all of the meals!

    It is a lot of work, but it's worth it!